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Human Fitness & Performance is a gym with a difference!

With a large open floor space, members can set up their own circuit with room to move or work on their lifting straight off the rig.  We offer a variety of different training tools and recommended using our FREE 7-day pass to join any of the groups to learn how to use them correctly.


  • 4 bay lifting rig with a full range of Olympic lifting bars, bumper plates & benches.

  • Water rower & spinning bikes

  • 3 full-sized commercial vibration plates

  • Dumbells ranging from 2-50kg

  • Boxing bags, gloves, mitts & skipping ropes 

  • ViPR's ranging from 4-20kg

  • Sandbells, kettlebells, wall balls & Bulgarian bags

  • TRX Suspension Trainers

  • Plyometric boxes, tires & hammers

  • Foam rollers, mobility balls & bands


We offer a small group training timetable with over 20 groups running Monday to Saturday. 

Our groups cater for all levels of fitness and abilities 

For full group descriptions and timetables check out the Groups tab.

All our SGT groups are 8 participants or less so we can focus on everyone and offer technical advice and re-programming where needed.

Bookings are essential and done through our online APP


Our bouldering wall is set to challenge even the experienced climbers.  Set on a 45-degree angle the wall is made up of a variety of different handholds and footholds, with set routes that are changed seasonally.

  • Matted landing area 

  • Wall mounts are changed periodically to keep the wall challenging

  • Chalk provided

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