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I lost several kilos of fat, built muscle mass, became conscious of my diet, did the beep test starting at level 3.3 increasing to level 9.6, completed a 10km fun run in under an hour. I also ate lots of healthy treats that Jodi would make and received intelligent rehab for a back injury. These guys are awesome. 

I would recommend HFP for everyone. If you have the slightest inkling that your health and fitness can improve, go see them. They will tailor programs to suit you on any given day. Not feeling great? Do some gentle stretches. Ready to smash it? They will make you sweat and make you laugh. 





Before HFP I exercised intermittently and unhappily as a result of feeling intimidated by trainers/gym-goers and frequently injuring myself. At HFP I did a mixture of 1:1 and group classes and was able to maintain my enthusiasm for exercise because of how fun and varied groups were and how supportive and knowledgeable Gareth and Jodi were. Importantly, the size of the groups meant that Gareth or Jodi were able to individualise exercises for everyone and accommodate for individuals level of fitness and injuries.

Everyone can benefit in some way from what Gareth and Jodi do; whether you're a beginner and want to gently and kindly be introduced to exercise and fitness, an expert who wants to improve technique and see improvements or someone in between who just wants to enjoy being fit and healthy there is something for everyone!

                                                                                                                                                       CLAIRE HENRICUS


HFP was like a family, I actually enjoyed going to the gym rather than it being a chore. The core principals of HFP are unlike any other gym and have given me a solid foundation for life. 

Over a 12 month period, I dropped over 10% body fat, gained muscle mass and most importantly improved movement in both range and form. I also achieved 2 personal bests in lifting, going from zero to 100+kgs in deadlifts and squats. 

From kids to grandparents, Usain Bolt to Borris Johnson. My dads obese and my mum has MS and both would thrive at HFP. 



Training with HFP is always fun. Starting with warm-up movements and moving to a game so you feel like you are having fun not exercising! Then down to some serious movements that become increasingly challenging.   HFP nurture a social atmosphere where you cannot help but get to know other fitness nuts.  

I was able to feel fitter and get fitter. Gareth and Jodi cater to my individual needs and fitness level.  If group sessions were too challenging, there are always 2-3 options to perform to a level you are comfortable with.  I lost weight and got toned which felt amazing.  

I am 61 and love every minute of training. Rarely did I miss a session because they’re so enjoyable.. and I had a 15 min drive to get there! So the sessions work for all ages.  

                                                                                                                                      SHARON POTTENGER

                                                                                                                                      Retail Leasing Manager

Training at HFP was really fun, it made me think about exercise differently. Instead of dreading the gym, I looked forward to getting my body moving every day. 

Training at HFP gave me consistency with my overall health, and I became a lot stronger with no muscular set-backs or injuries.

HFP is for Everyone!

It’s especially great if you have areas of tightness/stiffness that you feel are holding you back from getting the results you want. Gareth is an absolute genius at myofascial release. Prior to training at HFP I had spent hundreds on sports massages/Osteo/chiro.. (I had tried everything) for my lower back and neck pain and as soon as I saw Gareth he knew exactly what the issue was and my training improved dramatically. Wanaka you are so lucky to have both Gareth and Jodi, the Melbourne team misses you like crazy!!



I wanted the training to focus on my balance, fitness and strength due to soccer. Jodi no doubt improved my balance fitness and strength. Gareth and Jodi definitely push you to improve even when I was not motivated to do so.

Balance- improved a lot as opposition or teammates have found it very difficult to push me off the ball.

Fitness- Use to be average in the team with the beep test. Last time we did the beep test was second in the whole team think the result was around 15 to 16.

Strength- Deadlift weight went up and up. In Soccer my throw-in has the furthest distance in the team this was because of the improved of strength from the training.

It’s a great place to have fun and improve your fitness and strength. Not many places in the world have an atmosphere like HFP where there is a real community feel even though the folks are from all over Melbourne. The atmosphere is always friendly even though I myself at times am not in the best of moods.



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